China crusher hammer

Development status of crusher hammer production technology in China

After briefly introducing the characteristics of commonly used materials for crusher hammers in terms of types, composition, structure, and performance, this article provides specific explanations of multiple production processes and characteristics of wear-resistant materials for crusher hammers. The selection of wear-resistant materials for crusher hammers should be based on the type of crushed materials and…

metal-ceramic grinding rolls

Development of metal-ceramic grinding rolls

Why develop metal-ceramic grinding rolls? China is one of the countries with the richest mineral reserves. With the development of fundamental materials science, the demand for ore powder is increasing yearly. There are many preparation processes for ore powder. The vertical mill system is a typical grinding process today and is widely used in cement,…

change VSI Wear Parts

When to change VSI Wear Parts?

When to change VSI Wear Parts?   VSI Wear Parts The VSI wear parts are located both within and on the rotor’s exterior surfaces. Material technology is used in many sections to withstand impact or abrasive wear. The selection of the appropriate worn components for the application is critical to achieving the desired performance. To…