Cr-Mo Alloy Mill Liners Manufacturer

When it comes to Cr-Mo Alloy Mill Liners, Nanjing Qiming Casting had focused on casting this material over 20 years. This steel is generally used for mill liners (AG, SAG, and Ball) prior to the movement to higher carbon content steels. It has excellent wear characteristics with some impact resistance, generally now used for discharge grates where slightly better impact resistance is required compared to the higher carbon chrome-moly steels or for thinner section liners.

This material standard: AS2074 L2B and AS2074 L2C standard:

  • Hardness: HB310-375 (equivalent to HRC33-42)
  • Impact Value: AK≥10J
  • Application: Widely used in AG Mill, SAG Mill, and Ball Mills
  • Process: Sand casting process and air quenching
  • High strength, high hardness, and high toughness

Chrome Moly Steel Chemical Composition

Material GradeCSiMnPSCrMo
AS2074 L2B0.55-0.65<0.750.50-1.00<0.06<0.060.80-1.500.20-0.40
AS 2074 L2C0.70-0.90<0.750.50-1.20<0.06<0.061.30-2.400.20-0.40