Shredder Rotor Caps And End Disc Caps


Qiming Casting is the ultimate provider of a complete range of spare parts for shredding metal or ELV. We specialize in producing high-performance rotor caps and end disc caps that are unmatched in quality by any of our competitors. Our unique designed shredder wear parts are second to none and have been proven to extend the wear life of the crushers while achieving the best production capacity.


Our alloy steel and manganese steel spare parts are of the highest quality and range from 10kg to 5000 kg for metal scrap shredder machines. Traditional high-manganese steel, high-strength alloy steel spare parts, or 30CrNiMo alloy steel, we have it all. Qiming Casting is committed to reducing wear parts costs per ton of crushed material for our customers. Our special wear parts such as grates and liners are designed to drastically reduce the consumption of wear parts per ton of crushed materials and increase shredder throughput.


Our end disc cap is the best in the market and features a patented design that offers maximum coverage and protection. Cast from a specially formulated hardened alloy and secured by high-strength pins, our end disc caps significantly improve the life expectancy of the rotor’s end discs. With Qiming Casting, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality spare parts for your shredder machine.

Our Advantages

  • High manganese steel, alloy steel, and 30CrNiMo for exceptional wear life and reliability
  • End disk caps with improved pinning options for easier installation with fewer parts
  • Foundry directly price and after-sale service
  • Longer span life and lower cost