Engineering & Quality

“Begin with the end in mind…”

That is the way we look at things here at Qiming Casting. Building in quality at the beginning leads to success in the end. Our Mechanical Engineering team is inextricably linked to the Quality Engineering team and that is the way it should be.

We understand what you want. We have the expertise and capability to do it.
Developing a successful component program is usually difficult and complex. Qiming Casting brings the right people to the table early on in the process to look ahead in the production sequence and identify barriers that might need to be addressed. Our Mechanical Engineering and Quality Engineering departments have 13 professionals with over 130 years of experience in dealing with tough issues and solving the problem at hand.

Mechanical Engineering

It all starts here. No matter if the part is a 4-inch bushing or an enormous 20,000lb. custom bushing, it all starts with a drawing and plan. Our Mechanical Engineers are the best in the business and they are here to assist in the development phase of an order or even to help qualify a quote. For mature product needs, many times Qiming Casting designs alternatives to the original specifications in order to perform better in a particular application. Qiming Casting’s designs incorporate features and a level of quality that meets or sometimes even exceeds that of the OEM.

Our engineering knowledge and capabilities are strengthened through the use of SolidWorks 3D modeling software, Romer Portable CMM, Spectrotest Mobile Spectrograph, and Equotip hardness tester as well as a wide array of conventional measuring & gauging tools.

Want to submit a drawing for a quote or to get some advice? The File Submission Guidelines will tell you everything you need to know.

Process Engineering

These are the team members who plan the process for the production of the part, from start to finish. They run the part through our virtual factory several times and determine the very best production path to follow that guarantees success and perfection. This department matches your specifications with our capabilities and also plots the course for the fastest turnaround time available at any particular moment.

Quality Control – 100% Inspection

Here at Qiming Casting, our inspection process is rigorous and thorough. Every part that Qiming Casting makes in our plant is inspected and certified to match the specifications of the job, exactly. Qiming Casting uses the most modern inspection tools, including the CMM (Coordinate-measuring Machine), which is a powerful inspection tool the size of a room that provides very accurate and detailed results. We have a large percentage of our production staff solely dedicated to this important task. Qiming Casting has more people and more hours in our final inspection staff than any of our competitors.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance process ensures that our processes are aligned in order to produce high-quality and dependable results. Our team meets weekly to review any problems or potential problems in our workflow so they can be addressed and perfected. Qiming Casting’s ISO14001 program is managed here along with our traceability and record retention. Our procedures allow us to trace any part that we produce, even years later. We can pull the work order, the date the part was poured, review the production log, and confirm any possible detail that is needed.