Shredder Wear Parts By Qiming Casting®

Qiming Casting provides excellent recycling products that offer top-notch performance with well-designed and field-proven parts. Our parts have a long wear life, fit consistently, and provide great economic value. We have extensive experience in delivering quality products supporting large and small recycling operations. Our parts programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

We offer a full range of custom-designed castings and wear parts for all automobile and scrap metal shredders. Our parts are available in proprietary alloys and are designed to maximize abrasion resistance and wear life. We can provide parts in either alloy or manganese compositions to suit your specific needs. They are the preferred choice of the world’s leading shredder manufacturers.

We provide a complete line of wear-resistant castings for all shredder applications, including special design requests. Depending on the feedstock, location, application, and other important considerations, we offer several special grades of manganese steel for maximum results and a lower cost per shredded ton. Certain items like hammers and rotor caps can also be provided in our CS family of martensitic low alloy steels containing chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. We constantly redesign shredder components to suit the specific needs of our customers for any application.

The common wear parts for metal shredders include:

  • Shredder hammer
  • Rotor and caps
  • Shredder grates
  • Double bean grates
  • Wall conversions
  • Infeed and side liners
  • Breaker bars and anvils
  • Roof covers
  • Kickout and reject doors
Shredder Hammers By Qiming Casting

Shredder Hammers

The shredder hammers we offer are the most essential wear parts of any shredder machine. These hammers are installed in the rotor and are responsible for crushing raw materials. We manufacture them using the best materials, such as manganese steel and alloy steel. Our shredder hammers are well-known for their high hardness and have received excellent customer satisfaction ratings. You too can experience the quality of our shredder hammers and see for yourself why they are the best in the market.


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Hammer Pin Protectors

Hammer Pin Protectors

Manganese steel is the standard material for hammer pin protectors. These protectors are designed to shield the long pins that secure the hammers in place. Depending on the size of the shredder, the pin protectors can weigh hundreds of pounds. They must be replaced after every 5-10 hammer changes, which is equivalent to around 1-2 weeks of operation.

Shredder Machinery Reject door

Reject Door

The shredder’s reject doors in the upper back housing are constructed with high-strength manganese or alloy steel to easily eject any unshreddable items. These doors come in various customizations such as specialty hole sizes, ribs, counterweight styles, and reversible designs to increase wear life. So, rest assured that these reject doors are tough and reliable, and will effectively eliminate any unwanted items that may interfere with the shredding process.

Shredder Grates By Qiming Casting

Shredder Grates

The shredder grates are an essential component that prevents shredded metal from escaping the shredding zone until it reaches the desired size. The openings of the grates are carefully selected to meet the shredded-metal specifications and operating parameters. However, it is important to note that the shredder grates undergo significant abrasion and impacts due to the metal’s high-speed movement inside the hammermill. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the shredder grates are in optimal condition to prevent any safety hazards or operational downtime.


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Breaker Bars & Anvils

Breaker Bars & Anvils

Breaker bars are an absolute necessity when it comes to reinforcing the internal structure of hammermills against the devastating impact force of hammers during the shredding of metal. Anvils, too, are indispensable in providing the initial surface where the feedstock material is introduced and impacted. Breaker bars must be replaced simultaneously with anvils and grates to ensure optimal shredding performance. That’s why Qiming Casting offers high-strength alloy and manganese anvils that are custom-engineered to be direct OEM replacements. Both upper and lower units are specifically designed to deliver superior performance in shredding applications.


Shredder Caps By Qiming Casting

Shredder Caps

The rotor and end disc caps are designed to safeguard the rotor from being damaged by the metal shredded in the hammermill. The weight of the caps can vary depending on the size of the shredder, and they typically weigh hundreds of pounds. It’s recommended to replace the caps after every 10-15 hammer replacements or roughly every 2-3 weeks of operation.


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Infeed and side liners

Infeed and side liners

The shredder’s internal protection from damage is provided by liners. These liners are designed to endure significant abrasion and impacts caused by the swiftly moving metal inside the hammermill. Liners may require replacement after processing 100,000 to 200,000 tons of material, depending on the shredder size and shredded material.