Quality Assurance Reports

Qiming Casting supplies complete quality assurance reports for customers. Those quality assurance reports include:

  • Chemical Composition Report
  • Size Report
  • Impact Test Report
  • Metallographic Report
  • Bending Test Report
  • Other Reports

Sample Case

There is a sample case about Mn14Mo1 shredder hammer quality assurance reports.

Shredder Hammer Chemical Composition Report
Shredder Hammer Chemical Composition Report

Chemical Composition Report

Before casting, our engineer will do the raw material analysis, and calculate the ratio of various materials. After casting, our engineer will also do the material analysis again, which checks whether the product chemical composition conforms to the design.

Shredder Hammer Sizes Report
Shredder Hammer Sizes Report

Sizes Report

After machining, Qiming Casting also supplies a size report for customers. This report shows if all the sizes match the original drawing sizes.

Shredder Hammer Impact Test Report
Shredder Hammer Impact Test Report

Impact Test Report

Qiming Casting’s engineers use the U-notch specimen method to do impact tests. It shows our wear parts impact value if match the design and inquiry.

Shredder Hammer Metallographic Report
Shredder Hammer Metallographic Report

Metallographic Report

Qiming Casting supplies metallographic report for customers. The report’s content includes undissolved carbide, precipitated carbide, superheated carbide, and grain size.

Shredder Hammer Bending Test Report
Shredder Hammer Bending Test Report

Bending Test Report

For shredder hammer, Qiming Casting also supplies bending test reports for the customer. It shows the shredder hammer’s compressive strength, max bending force, breaking bending force, fracture deflection, and angle of bend.

Other Reports

For different wear parts, Qiming Casting also supplies other reports, such as:

  • Flaw detection report for cone liners, jaw plate, and hammers
  • Tooling report for apron feeder pans
  • Other third-party reports. For example, SGS reports.