Durable Gyratory Crusher Liners for High Abrasive Crushing

Qiming Casting is one of the top pioneers of supplying tailored, graded durable, and wear-resistant Gyratory Crusher Liners.  With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing quality minings products, we offer the finest rush Liners innovatively designed to withhold high impact and abrasion.


Gyratory Crusher Liners

What are Gyratory Crusher Liners?

Gyratory crusher liners are essential for protecting the crusher’s mainframe, in order to protect the crusher’s longevity and service life. A gyratory crusher is gigantic and has a large capacity to crush stones. It is a hollow body of a solid cone with a revolving shaft and vertical sloping sides. Most of the material that goes into gyratory crushers is abrasive and can damage the mainframe of the machinery. 

Working Principles

Gyratory crusher liners are made of high manganese steel to withstand high impact and resistance.  This acts as protective wear, without compromising the efficacy of the crusher. Manganese steel is one of the best materials to use in any mining material due to its unique properties. A manganese steel on impact hardens, making it most suitable for abrasive crushing. 

A durable crusher liner will help improve the efficiency of the machinery, ensuring crushing productivity and longer service life. High-graded quality manganese gyratory crusher liners reduce shutdown time maintenance and prevent profit loss.


Robust Gyratory Crusher Liners by Qiming Casting

You can now experience the high productivity of your gyratory crusher with our premium high-grade manganese gyratory crusher liners. Qiming Casting is one the longest-standing mining companies to manufacture high-graded manganese steel, alloy steel, and high chrome steel gyratory crusher liners across China.

With over 30 years of proven record of being one of the best mining tools suppliers around the world, Qiming Casting offers innovative mining solutions customized to the very detail to best suit your machinery profile.

Our Premium Gyratory Crusher Liner Features; 

  • Fully customized to match machinery’s concave profile and configurations 
  • A fully customized mantle design for maximum wear output 
  • High-quality manganese steel for versatile efficiency and machinery life 
  • High Impact strength, durability, and resistance 
  • 100% prevention of erosion, increasing crushing uptime and wear life 
  • Longer wear life leads to reduced maintenance time and cost 

If you need any types of gyratory crusher liners, please send us your inquiry part number or drawings. On the other hand, we can offer the OEM/ODM services of our products. The product can be customized according to your personalized requirements or based on your crusher working conditions. Please offer your design documents or tell us your ideas and our R&D team will do the rest.

Selecting The Right Crusher Liners

You can now select from various Qiming Casting Crusher Liners made up of the highest quality of manganese, combined with alloys, and offer double resistance, impact, and performance longevity.

 Manganese Gyratory Mantle

Manganese is the most favorable material engineered at Qiming Casting due to its excellent tolerance for abrasive material. It is tough and wear-resistant which enables the crushing throughput process to be more efficient and productive. 

Our mantle liner design varies from piece to piece. It can easily accommodate large one-piece to two and three-pieced mantles for optimum crusher performance.

Our innovative gyratory mantle liner is reliant on key materials used in crushing high-abrasive stones. Manganese steel is best known for wear resistance, high tensile strength, and work-hardening ability to effectively withstand the rigorous crushing process. 

Our clients who have customized gyratory crush liners have reported improved machine performance, less maintenance cost, and increased wear-life value after investing in our tailored crush liners.  

The Benefits of Using Manganese Steel for Mantle

  • Can withstand most corrosive crushing operations without wearing 
  • High tensile strength to support stressful crushing operation 
  • Has long-term durability and reliability 
  • The most efficient and consistent material best suited for critical mining processes 


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Manganese Gyratory Mantle

Titanium Carbide Inlay Gyratory Crusher Liners

Titanium carbide Inlay rods are one of the most favored crush liners by our clients around the world as it enhances manganese hardness making it an ideal material combination to be used in extreme and harsh environments. 

The way we incorporate titanium inlays is much different than other traditional suppliers. 

 After examining and matching with machinery specifics, we create hard inlays to fully augment and assist machinery operations. Once our team has performed an in-depth investigation of your machinery and operation personnel, they will determine where to apply the titanium carbide rod inlays based on the liner’s maximum wear zone. 

The Benefits of Using Titanium Carbide as Crusher Liners

  • Versatile and can easily be customized for machinery locality and work conditions 
  • Offers maximum wear time and durability around manganese steel 
  • Best Material to be used with Manganese steel to withstand extreme conditions 


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Titanium Carbide Inlay Gyratory Crusher Liner

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install gyratory crusher liners?

When installing a gyratory crusher mantle, it is crucial to plan and execute the process with care to ensure safety and efficiency. The following are the general steps to follow while installing a gyratory crusher mantle:


– Firstly, shut down the crusher and lock out the power source to prevent accidental start-up.

– Secondly, remove the old mantle by cutting it off with a torch or breaking it with a hammer. Ensure that you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow safety protocols.

– Thirdly, clean the surface of the head and the mantle seat to remove any debris, dirt, or rust. Inspect the mating surfaces for wear, damage, or cracks.

– Fourthly, place the new mantle on the head, making sure it is centered and level. Use a crane or other lifting device to lift the mantle into position if necessary.

– Fifthly, install the mantle by tightening the nuts or bolts evenly and gradually in a cross pattern, starting from the center and working outwards. Use a torque wrench to ensure that the bolts are tightened to the manufacturer’s specifications.

– Sixthly, verify that the mantle is seated properly and securely. Check for any gaps or misalignment between the mantle and the head.

– Seventhly, reconnect the power source and start up the crusher. Conduct a visual inspection and run a test to ensure that the crusher is operating correctly.

– Lastly, document the installation process and any maintenance performed for future reference.


It is important to note that these steps are general guidelines, and the specific process may vary depending on the manufacturer’s instructions and the type of crusher being used. Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual and follow established safety procedures when working with heavy machinery.

What is the material for gyratory crusher liners?

The choice of materials for gyratory crusher liners depends on various factors, such as the type of rock that is being crushed, the crusher’s operating conditions, and the manufacturer’s specifications. When it comes to the gyratory crusher mantle, Qiming Casting offers two options: Standard manganese steel and TIC inserts manganese steel.


Manganese steel is a robust alloy steel that contains about 12-14% manganese. It is a durable and wear-resistant material that can withstand high impact and abrasion. Moreover, manganese steel can work hard, which means that it becomes even harder and more wear-resistant as it is subjected to impact and pressure over time.


Qiming Casting has developed TIC inserts manganese steel gyratory crusher mantle that is ideal for crushing hard stones.


For the gyratory crusher concave segments, different areas require different liners. The concave segments are divided into three areas: upper intake liners, chamber middle liners, and chamber bottom liners.


The upper intake liners are made of manganese alloys and low-alloy steel that is impact-resistant. The chamber mid liners are made of high manganese alloys and low-alloy steel that is abrasion and impact-resistant. The chamber bottom liners are made of low-alloy steel that is high abrasion and impact-resistant. There is also a high-chrome special liner that provides maximum abrasion resistance.

What is the largest gyratory crusher liners you can produce?

The largest gyratory crusher liner our factory can produce is 12 tonnes.


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