VSI Crusher Shoes and Anvils

VSI Shoes

VSI crusher shoes are the wear-resistant components that play a critical role in the impeller or rotor of a VSI crusher. These shoes help in breaking down and crushing the feed material as the impeller rotates and comes in contact with the material. The shoes’ wear-resistant nature is important for maintaining the crusher’s effectiveness over time, particularly when dealing with hard and abrasive materials such as rocks. Regular inspection and replacement of worn shoes are common maintenance practices for VSI crushers.

VSI Anvils

Anvils are an essential component in a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) crusher, similar to shoes used in the crushing process. The term “anvils” refers to metal blocks or plates mounted on the upper and lower sides of the crusher’s rotor, positioned along the crushing chamber. These anvils are crucial in the crushing process as they provide impact surfaces against which the feed material is crushed.

Ceramic VSI Shoes and Anvils By Qiming Casting

As one of few foundries capable of manufacturing reliable MMC wear castings especially impact crusher wear parts with ceramic inserts in the world, Qiming Casting makes high-quality ceramic VSI shoes and anvils based on customers’ working conditions with the highest quality standards.

Advantages Compared with Traditional Shoes and Anvils:

  • Longer service life
  • Higher production yield
  • Lower energy consumption
VSI Crusher Anvils
VSI Crusher Anvils
VSI Shoes
VSI Shoes

Ceramic Shoes Triple Wear Life

Work conditions:

  • 6-shoe table running at 1700 RPM
  • Feed Size of 1” X 2”
  • Output size of 1/4” Minus


MaterialHardnessWork Hours
Chrome VSI ShoeHBW 65024 hours run time per set
Ceramic VSI ShoeHV 210072 hours run time per set
VSI Crusher Shoes and Anvils