Mill Liners By Qiming Machinery®

Mill liners are mainly used to protect the cylinder body from the direct impact and grinding of the grinding body and materials; at the same time, different forms of mill liner can also be used to adjust the movement state of the grinding body in each warehouse.

A mill lining is a customized wear part. Identifying the appropriate type of lining and design is vital for optimizing mill throughput and total grinding costs, including costs for energy, grinding media, and maintenance. Furthermore, the design must be constantly optimized to meet your needs. We work closely with our customers and carefully follow their processes to make sure the lining we supply is always optimized for current operating conditions.

Qiming Casting offers mill linings with materials and designs optimized for each specific application. We can design and supply mill linings for all types of mills – for mills as well as for competitor mills – and for all parts of the mill. Our wide product range, innovations, knowledge, and experience make us unique. Our approach to lining design is focused on grinding performance, mill uptime, and safety.

Manganese mill liners by Qiming Casting

Manganese mill liners

Qiming Casting manufactures grid liners and smaller liners by manganese steel, which includes Mn14 and Mn18 alloy steel. The liner’s great advantage is that it works hardens under stress, yet the substrate remains tough and can withstand extreme impact without fracture. Its primary disadvantage is that it spreads with impact, so solid liners begin to squeeze together and become extremely difficult to remove, and can damage a mill shell if the stress is allowed to build up to an extreme level.


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Cr Mo alloy steel mill liners by Qiming Casting

Cr-Mo alloy steel mill liners

Qiming Casting manufactures AG, SAG, and ball mill liners by chrome-moly steel (It is called L2B and L2C grade by Australian standards). This material has excellent wear characteristics with some impact resistance, generally now used for discharge grates where slightly better impact resistance is required compared to the other steels or for thinner section liners. There is ongoing development within this area as the size of the liners is outstripping the properties provided by the standard high chrome-moly steels.


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Ni-hard Iron Mill Liners By Qiming Casting

Ni-hard iron mill liners

Qiming Casting supplies Ni-hard iron steel mill liners for cement industry customers. This casting material is considered to be the ultimate developed and used to date for abrasion resistance in milling. It is commonly used in cement mills and some of the largest Ball Mills in the world and where performance has not been bettered to date.



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Ball mill liners By Qiming Casting

Ball mill liners

Qiming Castings manufactured high-quality manganese and alloy steel ball mill liners for ball mills customers. Those liners include:

• Single wave liners
• Modified single wave liners
• Double wave liners
• Shell liners
• Feed head liners
• Discharge end liners

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AG/SAG Mill liners

AG/SAG mill liners

Qiming Casting manufactures manganese steel and alloy steel liners for AG and SAG mills. Those liners include:

• Integrated and/or plate and lifter designs for head and shell liners
• Grates
• Pulp lifters
• Filler rings


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Roll mill liners by Qiming Casting

Roll mill liners

Qiming Casting manufactures manganese steel, chrome steel, and alloy steel liners for roll mills. Those liners include:

• Shell liners
• Head liners
• “Wedge” shell liners
• Roll liners


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