Ceramic Inserts Wear Parts By Qiming Casting

The innovator of wear components for the mining, aggregate, cement, coal, and oil & gas sectors is Qiming Casting. We are dedicated to creating solutions built to deliver long-term performance, little maintenance, and increased machine uptime. Worn components with ceramic inlays have definite benefits over conventional steel alloys. Shark skin, which uses a matrix of small, hard, tooth-like structures, is one of the most robust materials on earth, drawing comparisons to the animal kingdom. Qiming Casting produces a variety of ceramic wear components with exceptional armor-like qualities.

Ceramic inserts are designed to be extremely hard, durable, and resistant to wear, abrasion, and impact. In industrial settings, ceramic inserts are commonly used in wear parts such as cutting tools, pumps, valves, and other components. They are also used in high-wear areas of machinery, such as the liners, blades, and other parts of crushers and mills.


  • Manufactured with a unique casting process and heat treatment process.
  • Alloy Matrix (MMC) bonds the ceramic properties for the best of both worlds. It combines ceramic hardness and alloy ductility/toughness.
  • Ceramic particle hardness is very high, about HV1400-1900 (HRC74-80), it has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance properties.
  • Less intervention and reduced maintenance cost.
  • Customers report 1.5x to 10x longer wear life using ceramic inserts compared to the parts they replaced.
Ceramic Inserts Wear Parts

Are you looking for a more wear-resistant wear part? Do you want to extend the better cycle time of your wear parts? Do you want to reduce machine downtime? Ceramic inserts wear parts are your choice! Feel free to contact us!

Ceramic Inserts Blow Bars

Ceramic Inserts Blow Bars

Qiming Casting manufactures ceramic inserts blow bars in two materials:

  • Martensitic + Ceramic blow bars
  • Chrome + Ceramic blow bars

Martensitic + Ceramic Blow Bars

Martensitic steel is the matrix material and inserts ceramic. Martensite is a completely carbon-saturated type of iron that is made by quick cooling-off. It is only in the subsequent heat treatment that carbon is removed from the martensite, which improves the strength and wear properties. When inserted with high-hardness ceramics, the martensitic steel blow bar is dramatically enforced for wear resistance on the wear surface. This makes them the ideal solutions used in primary or secondary crushing where wear and impact resistance are both required. The lifetime is doubled or longer on martensitic blow bars without ceramic inserts.

Chrome + Ceramic Blow Bars

Chrome Iron with ceramic is a premium composite metallic matrix iron with hard ceramic alloy inserts on the wear surface. The hard alloy ceramics combined with either medium chrome or high chrome iron matrix provides a significant working life advantage over standard chrome iron bars.

Ceramic Inserts Crusher Hammers

Ceramic Inserts Crusher Hammers

Ceramic inserts can also be used in crusher hammers to increase their durability and resistance to wear. Crusher hammers are the part of a crusher that applies an impact force to the material being crushed.

Similar to ceramic inserts in blow bars, ceramic inserts in crusher hammers are made of a hard and wear-resistant ceramic material. These inserts can help to extend the lifespan of the crusher hammers, reducing the frequency of replacement and downtime needed for maintenance and repairs.

The use of ceramic inserts in crusher hammers can also improve the efficiency and performance of the crusher, as the increased durability of the hammers allows for more consistent and effective crushing of the material being processed. Additionally, the use of ceramic inserts can help to reduce the overall cost of crusher operation over time by lowering the need for frequent replacements of the crusher hammers.

Ceramic Inserts Hammer Head

Ceramic Inserts Hammer Head

Hammer head is widely used in crushing shales and coal gangues.  Qiming Casting develops chrome white iron + ceramic hammer head to prolong its span life.

Ceramic inserts are known for their hardness, wear resistance and durability. By adding ceramic inserts to a hammer head, the hammer becomes more effective at breaking or crushing hard materials such as rocks, concrete, or metal. The ceramic inserts can withstand high impact forces and can help to reduce wear and tear on the hammer head, which can extend the life of the hammer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ceramic inserts wear parts you manufacture?

Right now, we design ceramic inserts wear parts including:

  • Impact crusher blow bars
  • Crusher Hammers
  • Chute wear liners
  • Ball mill liners
  • Raymond mill rollers
  • Washer paddle tip and liners

What is the price of ceramic inserts wear parts?

Different designs different prices. For detailed designs and prices, please contact us.

What are the main markets for your ceramic inserts parts?

Right now, we sell the ceramic inserts parts to the following markets:

  • Australia market
  • Peru market
  • Chile market
  • North America market
  • Europe market

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