Ceramic Grinding Roller For Vertical Roller Mill

Ceramic grinding rollers are made of wear-resistant industrial ceramic particles (inlay) and high chromium cast iron (matrix). It’s a new type of composite wear-resistant grinding roller produced through one-go pouring & casting technology.

Ceramic grinding rollers are considered the best wear-resistant solutions for vertical mills and now are widely used in cement, metallurgy, electric power, construction, mining, and other industries.


Ceramic Grinding Roller By Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting’s Ceramic Grinding Rollers are precision-engineered components designed for exceptional wear resistance and high-performance grinding applications. Crafted from advanced ceramics, these rollers exhibit superior hardness and thermal stability. Employing cutting-edge casting processes, Qiming Casting ensures the production of durable and efficient grinding rollers, meeting the demands of diverse industries.

Advantages Compared with Traditional Grinding Roller:

  • Longer service life
  • Higher production yield
  • Lower energy consumption
Ceramic Grinding Roller


The service life of the grinding roller depends on the wear condition of its roller surface. The higher the hardness of its surface, the greater its wear performance, hence a longer service life. It all depends on what material to choose.

The material of traditional grinding roller is usually high chromium cast iron or hard-facing. Due to the characteristics of the material, the hardness is generally around HBW 650. Ceramic grinding rollers are embedded with high-hardness, industrial wear-resistant ceramics in the wear area of traditional high chromium cast iron rollers. Its hardness can reach HV 2100, increasing the wear performance in the wear areas and significantly extending the service life of the grinding roller.

MaterialHigh ChromeHardfacingCeramic
HardnessHBW 650HBW 650HV 2100


Ceramic Grinding Roller Helps Reduce

Ceramic Grinding Roller Helps Reduce


The surface of traditional grinding roller is getting smoother after frequent grinding between the roller and the grinding material. Its friction coefficient, grabbing ability and its yield per vertical roller mill will then all be noticeably reduced.

See what ceramic grinding roller will bring to you. Specially designed honeycomb structure that significantly increases the bite force and grinding efficiency of the grinding material, increasing the yield of the mill (per unit) by 5-10%.

Ceramic Grinding Roller Higher Production Yield


The specially designed honeycomb structure enables the grinding curve of the grinding roller and lining plate to maintain a sufficient grinding area, reducing the mill’s power consumption by about 7%.

Comparison of Energy Consumption

Between Ceramic Grinding Rollers and Traditional Grinding Rollers

Comparison of Energy Consumption Between Ceramic Grinding Rollers and Traditional Grinding Rollers