Whole Bimetallic Wear Parts For Excavator Bucket By Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting has the whole bimetallic wear solution to protect the excavator bucket. The wear package including Chocky Bars, Wear Buttons, Wear Bars, Heel Shroud, Lip Shroud, Wing Shroud, and Skid Bars will provide comprehensive wear protection on the weak points on the buckets. With the whole protection solution, the service life of the bucket could be multiplied and maintenance is significantly reduced.

Bimetallic Wear Parts

Chocky Bar

Chocky bars, also known as chocky blocks or wear bars, are a type of wear-resistant material used in various industries to protect surfaces from abrasion and impact. These bars are particularly common in applications where materials experience sliding or impact wear. The name “chocky” is derived from their use in chutes and hoppers where materials often get stuck or “chocked.”

Chocky Bars are unique block products, which can be formed and welded onto flat or curved surfaces. Chocky Bars can be used on a range of fixed plant and mobile equipment such as buckets and chute liners.

Chocky Bar By Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting supplies standard or custom sizes for customers:

Part No.ABCDEWeight


CB 25N24025158230.90
CB 40N24040158231.50
CB 50N24050158231.90
CB 65N24065158232.50
CB 90N24090158233.50
CB 100N240100158233.90
CB 130N240130158235.15
CB 150N240150158236.2
Chocky Bar Size
Chocky Bar

Wear Button

A wear button is a type of wear-resistant material used in industrial applications to protect surfaces from abrasion, impact, and wear. Similar to chocky bars, wear buttons are typically made from a combination of a wear-resistant white iron alloy and a steel backing plate. The wear-resistant alloy provides excellent hardness and toughness, while the steel backing plate adds strength and facilitates easy attachment to the surface that needs protection.

The wear button gets its name from its button-like appearance. It is essentially a small, circular or slightly domed wear-resistant insert that is welded onto surfaces that are prone to wear and tear. The buttons are strategically placed on the equipment or machinery where wear is likely to occur, providing localized protection.

Wear Button By Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting supplies standard or custom sizes wear button for customers:

Part No.ABCDEWeight


Wear Button Size
Wear Button

Wear Bar

A wear bar is a component designed to resist abrasion and reduce wear in various industrial applications. It is a wear-resistant element typically made of materials that can withstand the impact and friction associated with abrasive substances. Wear bars are commonly used in equipment and machinery where surfaces are subjected to continuous wear and tear.

Wear Bar by Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting supplies standard and custom sizes wear bars for customers:

Part No.ABCDEWeight


DLP 919200251510251.0
DLP 1191300251510251.5
DLP 29515338258331.5
DLP 430038258333.0
DLP 27120350128201.6
DLP 27025450128202.0
DLP 508190502010302.2
DLP 219965503812501.3
DLP 2265115503812502.3
DLP 337127503812502.4
DLP 1101150504010502.9
DLP 343190504010503.7
DLP 369210503812504.1
DLP 125230503812504.5
DLP 453294504010505.8
DLP 2017300504010505.9
DLP 201A432503812508.5
DLP 22306005038125011.8
DLP 96525060128202.4
DLP 184150752910393.4
DLP 528150754010504.4
DLP 619150755010605.3
DLP 450294803812509.2
DLP 451194803812506.1
DLP 392/2024110038205811.0
Wear Bar Size
Wear Bar

Wafer Strip

Qiming Casting Wafer Strips are metallurgically bonded to a weldable, impact-resistant backing plate. Qiming Casting Wafer Strips are easy to use and install. They can be bent, cut, and formed to suit different surfaces. The grades and sizes of Qiming Casting Wafer Strips can also be customized as per the customer’s specific need. These benefits lead to significant increases in wear life when compared to standard AR plates and less downtime and maintenance on worn parts.

Material Specification

Qiming Casting Proprietary: Alloyed15CRMo -Abrasion Resistant Chrome White Iron, ref ASTM A532

Qiming Casting supplies standard and custom sizes wafter strip:

Part No.ABDEFWeight


WS 25240256120.6
WS 40240406120.9
WS 50240506121.2
WS 65240656121.5
Wafer Strip Size
Wafer Strip

Skid Bar

In construction equipment, a skid bar is a part designed to minimize skidding or sliding of heavy machinery on certain surfaces. It could be a wear-resistant bar or plate used to enhance stability.

Skid Bar by Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting manufactures standard and custom sizes skid bars for customers:

Part No.TypeABCDE
SB 4031214101221234
SB 4061302101221234
SB 4091154101221234
SB 205127975221234
SB 404L2214101221234
SB 405R2214101221234
SB 407L2302101221234
SB 408R2302101221234
SB 410L2154101221234
SB 411R2154101221234
Domed Edge
SB 4123250150202545
SB 4133200150202545
SB 4143250250202545
Skid Bar Size
Skid Bar

Bolt Protector

A bolt protector for construction and heavy equipment is a device or component designed to shield and safeguard bolts used in critical areas of machinery. Construction and heavy equipment often consist of numerous bolts that hold together various components, such as bucket teeth, cutting edges, or other wear parts. These bolts are exposed to harsh working conditions, including abrasion, impact, and debris, which can lead to wear and damage over time.

Bolt Protector by Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting manufactures standard and custom sizes bolt protectors for customers:

Part No.ABCDEWeight  (kgs)
DLP 19207525178250.7
DLP 192110050178251.0
DLP 199410070248321.0
DLP 219613080158231.3
DLP 44711481082510352.2
Bolt protector size

Roll Bar by Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting manufactures standard and custom sizes roll bars for customers:

Part No.ABCDWeight  (kgs)
Roll Bars Sizes
Roll Bars

Shaped Wear Bars by Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting Shaped Wear Bars are designed for the prevention of gouging wear and thus allow buckets and equipment to run longer requiring far less downtime for maintenance. Shaped Wear Bars are available in different shapes to suit specific applications.

Material Specification

Qiming Casting Proprietary: Alloyed15CRMo -Abrasion Resistant Chrome White Iron, ref ASTM A532

Qiming Casting manufactures the following sizes of shaped wear bars:

Shaped Wear Bars

Part No.TYPEABCDEFWeight   (kgs)
DLP 384120013202010300.8
DLP 753124410252510351.4
DLP 1909120210252510350.9
DLP 1602275516218290.9
DLP 947315010406010702.4
DLP 1414412510708010904.3