MAG 2100 VSI Anvils

The MAG 2100 VSI crusher is designed to efficiently process various materials, including aggregates, minerals, and ores. It features a high-speed rotor with wear-resistant impact anvils or shoes that crush the material upon impact, producing well-shaped, high-quality aggregate.  Qiming Casting leads the way in quality and support–beyond what you’d experience with conventional 2100 VSI crusher wear parts. Qiming Casting delivers premium replacement parts for your next MAG 2100 VSI crusher repair. We usually have the part on the shelf and ready for immediate shipment. In some instances, Qiming Casting has even improved the conventional design of the part to enhance durability and performance.

Compared with the original ceramic VSI anvils, Qiming Casting’s newly designed ceramic products have the same lifespan and are cheaper!

Qiming Casting is Your SuperStore for VSI Crusher Parts! All Qiming Casting Replacement Parts are backed by our ISO9001:2008 and are shipped only after meeting our rigorous quality standards. We are committed to meeting your replacement parts needs professionally and efficiently. Our Customer Support Department is ready to help you with a quote, check inventory, or simply answer a technical question. Talk to your Qiming Casting professional today about your specific needs!

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MAG 2100 VSI anvils are components used in Vertical Shaft Impact (VSI) crushers. VSI crushers are employed for producing high-quality aggregates and sand by breaking down hard, abrasive rocks and minerals.

Role in VSI Crushers

  • Impact Mechanism: VSI crushers use a high-speed rotor and anvils to crush materials. The rotor throws the materials against the anvils, causing them to break apart on impact.
  • Efficient Crushing: Anvils help in efficiently crushing hard materials by providing a surface for the material to collide with, thereby breaking it down into smaller particles.

Design and Materials

  • Durability: Anvils are made from highly durable materials to withstand the intense impact and wear they are subjected to during the crushing process. Common materials include high-chrome iron and ceramic inserts.
  • Shape and Configuration: The design of the anvils can vary, with different shapes and configurations available to optimize the crushing process for specific applications.


  • Improved Productivity: High-quality anvils, such as the MAG 2100, contribute to improved crusher productivity by ensuring consistent and efficient crushing.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear: Using durable materials for anvils reduces the frequency of replacements and maintenance, leading to lower operating costs and less downtime.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: The use of well-designed anvils can result in a more uniform particle size and shape, which is essential for producing high-quality aggregates and sand.


  • Construction Industry: VSI crushers with anvils are widely used in the construction industry for producing aggregates used in concrete and asphalt.
  • Mining and Quarrying: These crushers are also used in mining and quarrying operations to produce fine materials required for various applications.


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