About Us:

Nanjing Qiming Casting covers an area of 40 acres, a total investment of 70 million yuan. It specializes in the production, sales and research of wear-resistant, high temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials with the annual production capacity of over 15,000 tons.

We constantly develop advanced wear-resistant metals, and our company becomes medium-sized trial base for the Chinese Technology Association of LFC and PVC Tribology and Protective Materials Research Center of Henan University of Science and Technology . We have got the ISO09001: 2008 quality management system certification, OHSAS18001: 2007 occupational health safety management system certification, and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification. Our products are widely used in electric power, mining, chemical, coal, cement, ceramics and other industries.

Qiming Casting Produce Line

  • Production capacity

    Our company has two water glass sand production lines, a V-method casting production lines, an EPC production line, a machine shop; 2 sets 5T electric furnace, 2 sets 3T intermediate frequency electric furnace, 2 sets 1T intermediate frequency electric furnace, 5 sets heat treatment furnace trolley ,2000 CBM heat treatment pool , The maximum casting weight :12 tons ,Registered capital:Fifteen million dollars, The annual production capacity: 15,000 tons.

  • Processing capacity

    The vertical lathe has 12 sets: one set C5123 and seven sets C5116 ,three sets C5225 , one set C5240 ; CNC double column vertical lathe, milling machine, two sets  CKXZ5225B; gantry milling machine:  TX2020D, SW – 42500 ; horizontal lathe:C56150B/1500; rocker drill: Z3050 x 16 / 1.

  • Quality Control Ability

    Germany full spectrum of direct reading spectrometer (Foundry-Master Xline) ; desktop optical microscope (4XB) , laptop-type optical microscope (BXS-100P) ; various hardness;  fully equipped physical and chemical laboratories; computer control universal Testing machine (WEW-1000) One sets; Charpy impact test machine (JD-125A) One sets; EDM CNC Cutting Machine (DK7732) One sets; large screen smelting thermometer (KD-602) three sets.