About Us

Qiming Casting is a company that occupies an area of 40 acres and has a total investment of 70 million yuan. The company is specialized in the production, sales, and research of wear-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and corrosion-resistant materials. With an annual production capacity of more than 15,000 tons, we are constantly developing advanced wear-resistant metals. Our company has become a medium-sized trial base for the Chinese Technology Association of LFC and PVC Tribology and the Protective Materials Research Center of Henan University of Science and Technology. We have received certification for our quality management system, occupational health safety management system, and environmental management system, which are Document Number 1: 2008, Document Number 2: 2007, and Document Number 3: 2004, respectively. Our products are widely used in various industries, including electric power, mining, chemical, coal, cement, ceramics, and others.

Qiming Casting Produce Line

Production capacity

Our company has two water glass sand production lines, a V-method casting production lines, an EPC production line, a machine shop; 2 sets 5T electric furnace, 2 sets 3T intermediate frequency electric furnace, 2 sets 1T intermediate frequency electric furnace, 5 sets heat treatment furnace trolley ,2000 CBM heat treatment pool , The maximum casting weight :12 tons ,Registered capital:Fifteen million dollars, The annual production capacity: 15,000 tons.

Processing capacity

The vertical lathe has 12 sets: one set C5123 and seven sets C5116 ,three sets C5225 , one set C5240 ; CNC double column vertical lathe, milling machine, two sets  CKXZ5225B; gantry milling machine:  TX2020D, SW – 42500 ; horizontal lathe:C56150B/1500; rocker drill: Z3050 x 16 / 1.

Quality Control Ability

Germany full spectrum of direct reading spectrometer (Foundry-Master Xline) ; desktop optical microscope (4XB) , laptop-type optical microscope (BXS-100P) ; various hardness; fully equipped physical and chemical laboratories; computer control universal Testing machine (WEW-1000) One sets; Charpy impact test machine (JD-125A) One sets; EDM CNC Cutting Machine (DK7732) One sets; large screen smelting thermometer (KD-602) three sets.

Why Choose Us

Production Capacity

Due to our trong production capacity, we can complete customer parts orders on time to ensure your spare parts replacement cycles planable.

Competitive Price

Qiming Casting supplies reliable yet affordable wear solutions, we are committed to reduce the cost of mining processing per ton and minimize the equipment downtime.

Premium Quality

Certified by multiple customers, the metallic and rubber spare parts supplied by Qimingcasting have significantly improved in terms of service life and adaptability.