Qiming Casting Shredder Hammers For Improved Shredder Wear Life

Shredder Hammer

We have engineered a metal alloy that is optimized for metal shredding. Combined with rigorous lean manufacturing processes at our foundries, Qiming Casting has brought to the market a shredder hammer line that provides the lowest cost-per-ton for our customers. Our Shredder hammers are made in proprietary manganese steel, 30CrNiMo low-alloy steel and Tic Insert hammer.  We also make different materials to suit different work conditionals, which is extremely hard on the bottom and possesses a softer material around the pin to keep the pin from wearing out. In essence, we are able to right-size the metallurgy of the casting to the particular application, resulting in the most wear-resistant part available.


High Manganese Shredder Hammer

As a high manganese steel grade it offers excellent work hardening properties. High manganese steel plate becomes increasingly hard when the surfaces of components are subject to repeated impact or abrasion. Its toughness, derived from high tensile strength and ductility, enables shock leads to be absorbed safely. Lack of lubrication or the intrusion of grit or sand particles does not seriously impair the wearing surfaces of components in contact. These characteristics combine to make high manganese steel plate an ideal steel for use as wearing plates in those situations where abrasion, impact, or lubrication difficulties are encountered. The steel has the unique property in service of rapidly developing a work hardened surface whilst retaining its tough interior.

Chemical Composition Of Our Manganese Shredder Hammer :

C Si Mn P S Cr
Mn13 0.9-1.05 0.3-0.9 11.0-14.0 ≤0.060 ≤0.040
Mn13Cr2 1.05-1.35 0.3-0.9 11.0-14.0 ≤0.060 ≤0.040 1.50-2.50
Mn18 1.05-1.35 0.3-0.9 16.0-19.0 ≤0.060 ≤0.040
Mn18Cr2 1.05-1.35 0.3-0.9 16.0-19.0 ≤0.060 ≤0.040 1.50-2.50

30CrNiMo Low Alloy Steel Shredder Hammer

30CrNiMo Low Alloy Steel hammers provide longer life and often better value for operations that don’t run a steady diet of autos and heavier scrap that work hardens manganese hammers.Our 30CrNiMo Low Alloy Steel hammers offer hardness at the working end and less hardness around the hammer’s pin hole. The compromise provides for less wear on hammer pins. By use this material,the shredder hammer can get different hardness:The bar of shredder hammer’s hardness around: 35-40 HRC, The working area of shredder hammer’s hardness around: 45-55 HRC.

Chemical Composition Of 30CrNiMo Shredder Hammer

C Si Mn Ni P S Cr Mo
0.26 – 0.34 max 0.4 0.5 – 0.8 1.8 – 2.2 max 0.025 max 0.035 1.8 – 2.2 0.3 – 0.5



Tic Insert Shredder Hammer

This is a new material for casting shredder hammer. Titanium Carbide Bars insert high manganese hammer working area, which can prolong the span life.Based on our customer feedback, its span life can 3-5 times than Mn18Cr2 shredder hammer.