2 – 3 Time Working Life Than Manganese Hammers! No Breaks!!

Dual Hardness Alloy Steel Hammer By Qiming Casting

The hammers used in shredder lines represent a key factor in plant efficiency. With the development of the market for recycling and shredding of scrap metal, the scrap has evolved, and it is getting lighter as cars and other products have much more plastics and other softer materials, which prevents proper work hardening of manganese. The traditional high manganese steel hammers are becoming increasingly unsuitable for the market.

Qiming Casting has developed a new hammer series, Dual Hardness Alloy Steel Hammer, with the goal of extending the lifetime of these tools. Featuring a special alloy, the high-quality cast-steel hammers from the Qiming Casting ensure substantially enhanced economic efficiency and can be used in all types of shredder series.

The special alloy is harder on key areas and helps to keep the original shape of the hammer for longer. With the correct hammer profile for your rotor, the shredder will feed better since it grabs the material and pulls it in, resulting in a higher production rate over a longer period of the life of the hammer (it keeps the sweet spot longer). This alloy has a higher yield point than manganese (it deforms less); consequently, you can push its geometry and use a thicker hammer that will not jam in your rotor. This gives you a more powerful striking force and improves material breakage and non-ferrous recovery.

Dual Hardness Alloy Steel Hammer

Manganese Steel Hammer

  • Single hardness
  • One-time heat treatment
  • Maximum crushing capacity: 4500 tons

Dual Hardness Alloy Steel Hammer

  • Double hardness. Hammer handle hardness is around 400HB; Hammer working surface hardness is around 52 HRC to 60 HRC.
  • Three times heat treatment.
  • Maximum crushing capacity: 8000 tons

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