Metal Recycling Wear Parts
Metal Recycling Wear Parts

Metal Recycling Wear Parts

Metal recycling machines are specialized equipment designed to facilitate the collection, processing, and recycling of metal scrap. These machines play a crucial role in the metal recycling industry by automating various tasks and processes, increasing efficiency, and improving the overall recycling output. Different types of metal recycling machines are used depending on the type of metal being processed and the desired end product.

Metal recycling wear parts refer to components or elements used in machinery or equipment within industries like mining, construction, or manufacturing, where wear and tear are common. These wear parts are subjected to continuous use and abrasion, leading to eventual degradation or damage. Instead of disposing of the entire machinery, which can be expensive and environmentally unfriendly, these worn or damaged parts are recycled.

In the context of metal recycling wear parts, the process typically involves collecting, processing, and reusing metallic components that have reached the end of their operational life due to wear. This can include various metal alloys used in the construction of machinery, such as steel, cast iron, or other durable materials.


We supply a wide range of alloy and steel castings for metal recycling wear parts. In addition to the below, we also provide tailor-made improved products and commissioning supervision.

  • Manganese Steel
  • Alloy Steel

Metal Recycling Wear Parts By Qiming Casting

Qiming Casting supplies the following wear parts for the metal recycling industry.

  • Manganese Hammers
  • DHT Hammers
  • Hammer Pins
  • Grates
  • Caps and Anvils

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