MKIII Series Gyratory Crusher Parts

When it comes to MKIII Series Gyratory Crusher Parts, Qiming Casting supplies wear parts for MKIII4265, MKIII5065, MKIII5475, MKIII6275, MKIII6089, MKIII7089, and MKIII60110 gyratory crusher.

Our comprehensive range of replacement crusher parts to suit primary gyratories are certified to meet the OEM specification under our Lloyds Register quality system. Furthermore, our premium range of primary gyratory crusher manganese steel and alloy castings are proven in mining and aggregate production applications worldwide A crusher mantle or a set of concave segments with a longer wear life does not need to be replaced as often. You will need fewer per year but also have maintenance shutdowns less frequently. This means that you save the cost of carrying out a change-out, often more than once a year. And, every hour and each day that the crusher is in operation instead of under maintenance, equals more valuable uptime for reaching and exceeding your production targets. What is the cost of a mantle replacement or a full concave reline? How much is an hour of production worth in your operation? It’s time to do the math. Qiming Casting Concave Segments. Double high segments allow two rows of Qiming Casting concaves to replace four rows of standard OEM designs. The difference means fewer pieces to handle for fast replacement. Qiming Casting concaves are larger than the competition, for fewer pieces to handle – resulting in less time to remove old segments and install new ones. Larger castings generally have a lower cost per pound, resulting in a lower price per pound in production. Eight Qiming Casting concaves replace 12 per-row segments of standard OEM concaves, reducing the total from 48 to 16 and reducing seams that can wear and increase maintenance costs. Our many gyratory mantle designs range from smooth one-piece options to large, full-toothed, two-piece, or three-piece solutions. Teeth can be used at almost any level on mantles to improve nip. Our users report that teeth greatly reduce slippage, and improve both production and liner wear life. For example, a gyratory mantle designed with a toothed top and heavy-duty bottom can improve initial grip and put more metal in the high-wear area of the crushing cavity. We produce mantles that are self-seating / self-positioning or OEM-type gyratory mantles with manual wedge positioning. Depending on the application, we’ll recommend different materials for your gyratory mantle. Cast in manganese steel for maximum durability; Perfect-fit design for faster and easier replacement; Thicker manganese in high wear areas for longer wear life and less downtime; Personalized service by a team of experienced engineers.

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