Shanbao Jaw Crusher Parts

Shanghai Jianshe Luqiao Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional crushing and screening equipment supplier in China. Its brand of “SHANBAO” is the solely recognized well-known trademark in China in the industry. In 2011, the company officially became a joint venture between Sandvk Group and Shanghai Electric Group, and has witnessed rapid development in technology, sales and services.

Qiming Casting had cooperated with Shanbao since we built up our foundry. As the longest casting wear parts supplier, we can supply customers all the types of shanbao crushers with the best quality and longest span life.

Shanbao Jaw Crusher

  • PV710 • PV912 • PE150×250 • PE250×400 • PE250×750 • PE500×750•PE600×900 • PE750×1060
  •  PE900×1200 • PE1000×1200 • PE1200×1500 • PEX150×750 • PEX250×1000 • PEX250×1200 • PEX300×1300


Qiming Casting Parts For Shanbao

CrusherTypePart NumberWeight
PE150*250Jaw plateK3101-325.00
PE150*250Jaw plateK3101-225.20
PE250*400Jaw plateK3124-3290.00
PE250*400Jaw plateK3124-29114.00
PE400*600Jaw plateK3103.2216.00
PE400*600Jaw plateK3103.3A229.00
PE600*750Jaw plateK3204-1466.00
PE600*750Jaw plateK3204-2510.00
PE600*900Jaw plateK3126-01-06D/E735.00
PE600*900Jaw plateK3126-02-20D/E800.00
PE750*1060Jaw plateK3206-3B1500.00
PE750*1060Jaw plateK3206-20B1500.00
PE900*1200Jaw plateK3105.1-8723.00
PE900*1200Jaw plateK3105-2-18682.00
PE900*1200Jaw plateK3105-2-19394.00
PEX150*750Jaw plateK31X02-2100.00
PEX150*750Jaw plateK31X02-3115.00
PEX250*750Jaw plateK31X08-5190.00
PEX250*750Jaw plateK31X08-1210.00
PEX250*1000Jaw plateK31X04-3312.00
PEX250*1000Jaw plateK31X04-2A350.00
PEX250*1200Jaw plateK31X06-3374.00
PEX250*1200Jaw plateK31X06-2426.00
PEX300*1300Jaw plateK31X10-2475.00
PEX300*1300Jaw plateK31X10-4500.00