Single beam shredder grates

When it comes to single beam shredder grates, Qiming Casting manufactures high-quality single beam grates for shredder customers. Our shredder grates have the following advantages:

  • Uniform holes for consistent density as the grates wear
  • Specialty lead-in, end, walk-across, solid, and half grates available
  • Specialty options available such as raised wear sections or ripper lugs


Qiming Casting is Your SuperStore for shredder grates! All Qiming Casting Replacement Parts are backed by ISO9001:2015 quality control system and are shipped only after meeting our rigorous quality standards. We are committed to meeting your replacement parts needs in a professional and efficient manner. Our Customer Support Department is ready to help you with a quote, to check inventory, or simply answer a technical question. Talk to your Qiming Casting professional today about your specific needs!


If you need any types of shredder grates, please contact us freely!

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