PEW760 Jaw Plates

Qiming Casting Replacement Jaw Plates for PEW760 Jaw Crusher

When it comes to PEW760 jaw plates, Qiming Casting had manufactured those wear parts for Philippines customers. When you need replacement jaws for crushing equipment with minimal downtime, count on Qiming Casting. We carry replacement jaw castings for most crushing equipment, or we can custom manufacture replacement jaws to your specifications within one week of receipt of an order, so you’ll get what you need quickly. We offer jaw plates in 14%, 18%, and 22% grades of manganese with chromium ranging from 2% – 3%.

The Qiming Casting range of premium jaw plates includes Standard, Super Tooth, Quarry, Super Grip, Multi-tooth, Tall Tooth, Corrugated, Wide Tooth, Heavy Duty, and Recycling profiles. Manganese liners are used because of their ability to work harden while crushing, which extends its wear life dramatically; Liners work-hardens by compressive forces, and at any given time the work-hardened face is only about 2-3mm; The speed at which the liner work-hardens increases as the percentage manganese content increases; so12-14% work-hardens slowest & 20-24% fastest. The work-hardened face has a higher Brunel value if the percentage manganese content is lower; so once work hardened the 12-14% will be more wear-resistant than the 16-18% etc. Qiming Casting replacement crusher jaws are engineered to last longer and crush more efficiently while reducing wear and tear on the crusher. The crusher jaws produce better quality rock more consistently than standard original equipment jaws while reducing the need for re-screening and re-crushing. Qiming Casting offers a full range of options for all popular jaw crushers, including various tooth designs, curves, and alloys. Jaw plates are available in numerous configurations. This includes variations in tooth profiles, straight/curved jaws, and plates with filled-in ends. A large selection of plate designs allows Qiming Casting to offer the best match for specific customer applications.

Qiming Casting is Your SuperStore for PEW760 Crusher Parts! All Qiming Casting Replacement Parts are backed by ISO9001:2015 quality control system and are shipped only after meeting our rigorous quality standards. We are committed to meeting your replacement parts needs in a professional and efficient manner. Our Customer Support Department is ready to help you with a quote, to check inventory, or simply answer a technical question. Talk to your Qiming Casting professional today about your specific needs!