CI5X Series Impact Crusher Parts

When it comes to CI5X Series Impact Crusher Parts, Qiming Casting supplies blow bars, impact plate, and other wear parts for CI5X1110, CI5X1213, CI5X1315, CI5X1520, CI5X1313, CI5X1415, CI5X1620, and CI5X2023.

Qiming Casting understands these requirements, and after more than 20 years of reducing downtime, we have the experience as well. This understanding is more than just the “One Size Fits All” approach of many other wear parts providers who don’t understand the critical variables in choosing successful metallurgy for a given application. As the exclusive master distributor for a Tier 1 chrome foundry, Qiming Casting has the ability to tailor specific metallurgies to a given set of crushing variables. Understanding the differences between running an impactor with 4 bars or with 2 and 2 dummies, changes to the rotor speed and surface/tip speed in meters/second, and how that relates to apron settings, have been learned over many hard years of optimizing crushing for producers all over North America, working with a range of materials from sand and gravel, to crushed stone, to recycling concrete, to processing rap. Understanding that given metallurgy can have two very different characteristics depending on heat-treating is the level of understanding that you can expect when you work with Qiming Casting. We stock Hammers and Blow Bars in various premium metallurgies to suit all applications including:
Manganese | Medium Chrome | High Chrome | Martensitic | Martensitic Ceramic Matrix | Chrome Ceramic Matrix
All parts are engineered in consideration of the OEM specification especially for your individual equipment, ensuring the quality and consistency of your machine’s production is maintained for the future. Call Qiming Casting for your standard and heavy duty impeller bars, curtain liners, and liner plates. We also offer VSI anvils and shoes designed to put more metal in high abrasion areas for longer life between changeouts. Other parts which are available include feed tubes, feed disks, table liners, outer table liners, upper tub liners, lower tub liners, and pedestal skirt liners. Qiming Casting specializes in designing, producing, and supplying high-quality manganese wear parts for impact crushers. We build in quality from the start of our processes, which leads to longer wear time parts at the end. Our quality team monitors the production process from start to finish- from initial raw material, cast pouring, heat treatment, machining, and inspection control. The manganese and chrome content is critical to the wear life of impact crusher parts and varies by crusher machine. We currently have hundreds of blow bar patterns for many makes and models of horizontal shaft impactors. Need a custom design? Our engineers and on-site pattern shop are skilled in producing new and customized blow bar designs to best suit the end user’s requirements.

Qiming Casting is Your SuperStore for CI5X Series Impact Crusher Parts! All Qiming Casting Replacement Parts are backed by ISO9001:2015 quality control system and are shipped only after meeting our rigorous quality standards. We are committed to meeting your replacement parts needs in a professional and efficient manner. Our Customer Support Department is ready to help you with a quote, to check inventory, or simply answer a technical question. Talk to your Qiming Casting professional today about your specific needs!