Hazemag Impact Crusher Parts

Since it beginning back in 1946 with the creation of the first Andreas impactor, hazemag  crusher has grown to become the leader of impact crusher design and control technology,which also are the most widely used impact crusher in the world, which having sold over 75,000 horizontal shaft impactors in the worldwide.

Range of Hazemag impact crusher:

HPI Series, which used in crushing this material( Limestone, Dolomite, Phosphate, Recycling, etc) as a primary impactor.

  • HPI-APP Series.APP-1513,APP-1615,APP-1622,APP-1822,APP-2022,APP-2025,APP-2030,APP-2522,APP-2525,APP-2530.
  • HPI-APM Series.APP-1513,APPM-1615,APPM-1622,APPM-1822,APPM-2022,APPM-2025,APPM-2030,APPM-2522,APPM-2525,APPM-2530.
  • HPI-APCM Series .APCM-1313,APCM-1615,APCM-1622,APCM-1822,APCM-2022,APCM-2025,APCM-2030,APCM-2522,APCM-2530.
  • HPI-APSE Series. APSE-1010,APSE-1013,APSE-1310,APSE-1313,APSE-1315,APSE-1320,APSE-1515,APSE-1615,APSE-1620,APSE-1622.

HSI Series, which widely used in crushing Limestone (Dolomite, Gravel, Glass, Sandstone, Salt, Gypsum, Potash ) as a secondary Impactor.

  • HSI-APS Series. APS-0403,APS-0406,APS-0604,APS-0806,APS-0810,APS-0813,APS-1006,APS-1010,APS-1013,APS-1015,APS-1020, APS-1310, APS-1313,APS-1315 ,APS-1320,APS-1430 ,APS-1513 ,APS-1515 ,APS-1520 ,APS-1615 , APS-1620,APS-1622,APS-1630.
  • HSI-APSM Series. APSM-0806,APSM-0810,APSM-0813,APSM-1006,APSM-1010,APSM-1013,APSM-1015….
  • HSI-APK Series. APK-0806,APK-1006,APK-1010,APK-1013,APK-1015,APK-1020,APK-1313,APK-1320,APK-1615,APK-1622,APK-1630.


Hazemag HSI Crusher Wear Parts

  • Blow Bars
  • Impact Wear Plate

Qiming Casting Crusher Parts For Hazemag

TypePart NumberWeight
Blow barHAZ791145
Blow barHAZ79765
Blow barHAZ79590
Blow barHAZ78985
Blow barHAZ79690
Blow bar576.1110
Blow bar575.146
wear plateHAZ810-3517
wear plateHAZ810A-5029.4
wear plateHAZ810A-3522.1
wear plateHAZ811-5013.6
wear plateHAZ811-3510.1
wear plateHAZ878-5030.7
wear plateHAZ893-5034.7
wear plateHAZ857-5017.2