Design And Maintenance Of Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Because of the friction effect of jaw crusher by working chamber movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate composed under great crushing force and material, easy to wear, in order to protect the plate, Qiming Casting installed liner wear on the surface of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw, the lining board is also called the crushing plate. The surface of the crushing plate usually made of a tooth, tooth crushing plate peak angle of 90 degrees to 120 degrees, the size of the properties of materials were broken and fragmentation and crushing, bulk materials, the angle is bigger; broken pieces of material, small angle. The size of the pitch depends on the product size, usually equal to about outlet width, tooth height and tooth pitch of the ratio of 1/2 to 1/3. When working, the crushing plate two parts on the wear rate is not the same, the lower than the upper wear faster,, direct contact with the material, friction under great crushing force and material, crushing plate service life is directly related to the work efficiency and production cost therefore, jaw crusher, crushing jaw crusher plate to extend the service life is particularly important. Strengthening the service life of jaw crusher wear parts can be considered from the aspects of design, material selection, assembly and improvement in use.

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Shanbao PE750*1060 Jaw Plate

In design, movable jaw and fixed jaw plate should peak to tooth valley. In this way, in addition to crushing materials in addition to extrusion, there are bending effect, the material is relatively easy to break. In order to enhance the service life of the jaw plate, upper and lower symmetrical shape jaw plate is designed into a small crusher, when the lower wear adjustable head; large jaw crusher crushing plate design pieces are symmetrical, so wear can be jaw plate changing. The jaw plate material can choose white cast iron. The hardness of white cast iron is larger, better wear resistance, easy sources, low price; drawback is brittle, easily broken and short service life. In order to improve the service life of the jaw plate, containing more than 12% manganese manganese steel with better material used is ZGMn13. The steel toughness, while the hardness is not high (about 210HB), but because has the characteristics of cold hardening, under pressure will continue to be strengthened, so in the work constantly and continuously strengthen the wear, wear and can not be used until before retirement.. The steel plate casting broken after going through the water toughening treatment, water toughening treatment operation is substantially the same quenching, which cast the steel crushing plate is heated to 1000 to 1100 DEG C after rapid cooling in the water. After water treatment, uniform metallurgical structure can be obtained, and the metallographic structure is fixed, which avoids the natural phase transformation and makes the performance worse. The disadvantage is that steel prices more expensive, but from the aspect of life, the cost of the overall consideration, ZGMn13 long service life and low cost than the use of white cast iron.