Our customer, Miyun Iron Ore, has two sets of PE 900*1200 jaw crushers. The two-sets jaw crusher needs to crush 2.2 million tons of iron ore. However, there are some questions:

  1. Maintenance time is too long, every one and a half months need regular maintenance, each maintenance needs 48 hours. Maintenance item: rotate the jaw plates;
  2. Every 3 months, all used jaw plates need change;
  3. Every year, Miyun Iron Ore need more than 32 tons of jaw plates and 3.5 tons of other jaw crusher parts;



Miyun Iron Ore asks our foundry to improve this PE 900*1200 jaw crusher plates working life and decrease maintenance time.



After a check with the customer engineers and analysis of the used jaw plates. Our engineers put forward the following improvement measures:

  1. Changing the tooth profile. Change triangular tooth to trapezoid tooth;
  2. Add 5mm tooth peak, and decrease 5mm tooth bottom;
  3. Material change. Change Mn13Cr2 to Mn18Cr2. Which will increase the hardness of these jaw plates.



Through a series of adjustments by our engineers, the new jaw plates work more than 6 months, which is double than the old ones.