Shredder Grates for shredding metal, wood, and municipal waste

Shredder Grates

Qiming Casting offers a complete line of custom designed shredder grates for all automobile and scrap metal shredders. Shredder grates include:

  • Solid Grates
  • Half Solid Grates and Spacers
  • Open Bottom Grates
  • Single or Panel Double Styles, supported or self-supporting
  • Alloy grid panels for supported grates
  • Beating plates for top discharge shredders and granulators
  • Intake Spreaders
  • Back Wall Grates
  • Top Grates
  • Reject Doors

We work closely with customers to make grates specifically for their needs:

  • manganese steel casting shredder grates for any types shredder
  • 30CrNiMo or other alloy steel casting for shredder grates
  • End relief feature on shredder grates for easy install and removal
  • Double beam grates with staggered or inline hole patterns to maximize density and throughput
  • More than 20% span life than other shredder grates suppliers
  • Directly foundry price and the best after-sale service